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Newcastle is what I like to call a foodie paradise, in other words a food lover’s paradise (like myself). Big source of stress for me before leaving. I truly thought I was only going to eat flageolets and rosebeef for 6 months. Wondering how I was going to get by without my baguette and my morning chocolate croissants. Finally and to my great surprise, I never enjoyed food as much as in Newcastle (well I’m overstating a little, I admit). But the thing in Newcastle is that there are restaurants everywhere , of all sizes, all origins and is very affodable!! Here’s a quick recap of my favorite places to eat.


For this one I could not choose a particular restaurant so I put down the whole mall. I did that because, an entire floor of the center is dedicated only to restaurants and there is EVERYTHING! Mexican, Italian, spanish, burgers, Asian…. The list goes on and on. It’s hard to control yourself and not test everything, but when our wallet screams starvation and starts being emptied, it means it’s time to start heading towards the exit.


There are also plenty of small restaurants or breweries to test. I became a real fan of brunch and English breakfast (who would have thought …) I recommend the small coffee shop BLAKES which is very cozy and offers very good and typical English dishes, at very reasonable prices. You can of course find other super nice restaurants like BYRON or BANYAN and many others.


When you go down to the Tyne, you can again find a host of restaurants or breweries. PITCHER – PIANO offers you a great view of the Tyne, I recommend the terrace at night (if it’s not too cold of course), because the whole dock lights up!

I also recommend the QUAY INGREDIENT, ultra typical and super cute it is a very small coffee shop where you can eat and feast with English specialties. In the opposite street and in another register I recommend THE GREAT BRITISH CUPCAKERY: simply adorable and sooo British. You will be completely immersed in the world a little posh brunches and tea parties, with all-you-can-eat tea, small club sandwich and huge desserts (scones, pies…). This brunch will cost you 20 pounds, certainly not given but it’s totally worth it. So put on your Sunday outfit and like a real English don’t hesitate to go brunch with your friends.

Finally, if you are in love with our little furry friends, you will find dog and cat bars like CATPAWCINO or DOG AND SCONE CAFE (don’t worry our animal friends are loved and well treated).


There are many Tescos all over the city, Sainsbrurry or Marks and Spencer to satisfy everyone and all the budgets.

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