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In Newcastle, you’ll be sure to find various transports. As I told you before you can find metro stations all over the city, the stations are barely a ten minute walk from one another. There are only 2 metro lines so once you understand how it works it’s super simple.

It’s all well and good, but how much does it cost?

The small problem is that the transport is not cheap, that’s why I recommend doing everything on foot apart if you want to go to the coast or the airport, there it will be largely profitable.

Small point fare: the city consists of 3 zones, zone A being the city center and zone C the coasts and terminals (including the airport).

              Zone A: £1.90 one-way/ £3.10 for the day

              Zone B: £2.80 one-way/ £4.20 for the day

              Zone C: £3.50 one-way/ £5.20 for the day

             4-week package: 1 zone: £26.90/ All areas included: £52.30

There are tariffs available year-round, you can see all the information about Newcastle transport on this site:


Buses just next to Eldon Square. You can find other mode of transports everywhere else

In general, tickets are valid for the day, the price is about 3.30 euros for students, and prices for the month can range from £49.30 to £73.20 depending on the number of areas you take.

Transports in Newcastle are very convenient and when you take it from time to time it’s quite affordable, I’d just say you have to think carefully if you choose an off-center accommodation because it’s “cheaper” than those closer to the center, in the end adding the transports cost you can easily arrive at the same price. For my part, for example being in the city center I never took the subway to go to class, do my shopping or shops, I only took it on weekends for example when I wanted to go for a ride on the coast or visit the surroundings of the city. So I saved a lot of money by just walking and then it allowed me to stay active and quite frankly it was not a luxury.


Picture of the train hall

It’s super easy to catch the train, Newcastle is really well located and everything is very accessible. I recommend downloading the Trainline app ( which is very well made and allows you to find super affordable rates if you want to visit cities other than Newcastle.

The station is located in downtown or at the Central Station subway stop, and you arrive directly into the station.


If you want to travel in other countries during your exchange (which I highly recommend) nothing simpler because the metro takes you directly to the airport which is the terminus of the line and you will be there in just under half an hour.

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