If you have toured Newcastle or want to see the surroundings it is quite possible. Newcastle is very well located and above all very well served. You are certainly a little far from London, about 3 hours (but all in all it’s equivalent to a Marseille-Paris). All the other major cities are around 2 hours by train. So it’s perfect for a bit of tourism and sightseeing around new cities or countries.

Here are my top destinations if you don’t want to ruin or spend your life on the train:


Adorable little town, I recommend visiting the castle and the cathedral. A short day is more than enough to go around and it’s barely 15 minutes by train from Newcastle so why not.


Walled city and true favorite, I went back 2 times and loved it. I advise you to get lost in the streets and not to miss the shambles, one of the oldest and most unusual streets in York. This famous street is a must for Harry Potter fans who will find themselves completely immersed in this magical universe. Between shops of all kinds or streets reminiscent of the Traverse Way, believe me you will not be disappointed. This street will take you to the sumptuous Cathedral of York. Admission is paid for about £14. But you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city as you climb to the top of the cathedral.

The gardens of York are also to be seen, try to leave when it’s sunny. You can very well spend 2 days to make the most of the city and not rush. Or you can do very well like me and come back several times if you have had the feeling that you have not had time to see everything. York is only 1 hour from Newcastle and prices are super affordable, again it would be foolish not to enjoy it.


The advantage of NCL is that you are in England but so close to Scotland. So this time I recommend you head north. The capital of Scotland is only an hour and a half by train from Newcastle it’s definitely worth staying 2, 3 days and walking all the streets of this beautiful city. I advise you to find out about the must-sees such as Edinburgh Castle, the Holyrood Palace or St. Giles Cathedral.

Of course this list is not exhaustive. You can also visit other nearby cities, such as Leeds, Manchester, Carlisle or the Highlands, which remain a must see for sightseeing.

If you can and wish to do a bit more tourism, you should leave the country for a few days. Indeed, you can travel to Ireland (only an hour and a third flight from Newcastle to Dublin), Wales or why not even Iceland. That’s what I did, just an hour and 15 minutes flight from Edinburgh I combined the two countries in 1 trip. It’s up to you to see what you want to do, but know that you have a wide choice.

Namely, universities often organise day trips or several days to the cities around Newcastle. So if you don’t want to organize the tourism part, don’t panic you can turn to your universities. University associations deal exclusively with this so don’t hesitate to inquire (especially about FB groups for example NEWCASTLE Erasmus – Exchange – Internationals 2018-19).