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Things to do in Newcastle


Northumberland Street in the heart of the city centre is a major shopping street in Newcastle, with shops such as Primark, H-M, Marks and Spencer (if you don’t know, once you’ll arrive in England you’ll only know that), and others… On the same street you will find the entrance to a huge Eldon Square shopping centre, which offers restaurants (see where to eat) and loads of stores. You can also go to the Metro Center (another huge shopping mall), which is located 20 minutes away from the centre by bus. Finally, flea markets are often organized, so it’s easy to find. Here are some other things to do in Newcastle.


The city is full of museums: Discovery Museum (traces the history of Newcastle), The Great North Museum: Hancock is a natural history museum or the Biscuit factory which is a contemporary art gallery. Not to mention, of course, the Baltic Flour, which is also a museum of contemporary art and offers panoramic views of the city on the top floor.  

Center for life:

If you have the soul of a scientist then this center is for you. Indeed you will discover the scientific secrets around life, thanks to the use of new technologies. Newcastle Business School offers discounted rates to visit the centre (I guess other universities also offer this kind of discount). Otherwise the entrance fee will be £15 (

Grainger market:

Famous market in Newcastle, it is home to a hundred stalls of all kinds, you can eat or buy your fruits and vegetables there for instance. This market is right in the city centre, so it is very easy to get to. Located right next to a large Tesco, it’s great for grocery shopping.

Quayside (Sunday market):

Or also called the Sunday attraction, at least for my friends and I it was our Sunday appointment. Sunday market is a mix of stalls from all countries that offer specialties from their home at low prices, we can find Armenian, Colombian, French, German food trucks…. And the list goes on. This is a good opportunity to discover flavours from elsewhere. Of course some stalls offer local products, or homemade products such as beauty products or paintings, structures etc. So if you have the opportunity, gather your friends and go enjoy this market, which I assure you will not disappoint you. The market is open whether it rains, sells or snows from 9am to 4pm only on Sundays. For more information on things to do in Newcastle I would recommend this link

St. James Park:

If you are a football or rugby fan then this stadium is a real must-see. I prefer to warn you, that the most bitten geordies will not be asked twice to celebrate all night in case of victory,. Nothing to worry about though. Usually geordies, like the rest of England, like to drink alcohol (loads of it) but it’s pretty rare to see big overflows.


Only half an hour away by metro from the city centre, you can enjoy… The sea! Indeed, we are in the North East of England and therefore very close to the North Sea. Tynemouth is a very charming and lovely town especially approaching the good weather. You can eat, taste the famous fish Chips, picnic or drink on terraces there. It’s up to you to decide what to do. You can also take long walks by the sea or around the city (go visit whitley Bay). Every weekend the market settles in the subway, so you can have a look around and maybe dig the Gem.

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