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Coming to Newcastle you must-see the Angel of the North

Newcaslte is a city full of surprises, although its population is relatively young, the city itself is very old and full of history. It’s a human-sized city, so it’s easy to walk around and visit the city. It’s pretty hard to get bored in Newcastle as there’s always something to do. Here are some must-see:

Castle Keep – Black Gate:

Medieval fortification that was originally a castral clod that is a high watchtower, it played an important role in the 11th century in the history of England. The city allowed the crown to control a certain part of the region. Today, this tower no longer exists and was replaced in the 12th century by a rectangular stone dungeon. Protections have been added around the castle over time. This is one of Newcastle’s must-see and if you want to explore the inside of the dungeon, the student rate is around ‘7.50 pounds. For more information visit their official website

Tyne Bridge

Famous bridge on the river Tyne, it’s the thing you can’t miss in Newcastle. This bridge connects Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead. It was built between 1925 and 1928 and was inspired by Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge. To see it you just have to walk down to Quayside.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Also located on the Tyne, it was opened to the public in 2001 and inaugurated by the Queen in 2002. You can of course cross the bridge but be careful because it folds and lets boats pass up to 25m high. You can also admire it at night as the bridge lights up and offers a beautiful set of color.

The Angel of the North

You can’t leave Newcastle without seeing The Angel of the North. This sculpture is located in the south of Newcastle, you can easily get there by bus in just under 40 minutes. You can enjoy a tour of the city during the ride. The Angel of the North is a 20 m high and 54m in wingspan, contemporary sculpture. Be careful though, the statue although impressive seems to be at the top of a hill, but it’s not … it is actually on the side of a road which can surprise when you don’t know that. This sculpture remains a must-see especially during a beautiful day, you can for example stop in the nearby villages and have a look around. 

Other must-sees:

St Nicholas Cathedral, Grey’s Monument, Sage Gateshead (music center), parks (Jesmond where you can find 2 huge parks and Leazes Park) that are absolutely worth doing, Hadrian’s Wall if you feel the soul of a historian…

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