The locals, also known as the Geordies, are best known for their special accent, which manages to charm the rest of the Uk successfully. Geordies are seen as people of remarkable kindness. They will always find a way to help you no matter what. I remember when I arrived, from my very first day in Newcastle I was completely lost. I didn’t know where to go, I wanted to find my school but I didn’t know which direction to take. And on every street corner, I would always come across someone who spontaneously saw me looking, stopped to ask me if I needed any information. They are known for being friendly and warm and they do everything they can to maintain that reputation.

England says “Let’s have a drink in a pub” and Newcastle is no exception. Everything is an excuse to celebrate and the pubs and bars do not deplete. Especially since Newcastle is known for its rugby and football team and on match days it’s the whole city that comes together to celebrate. However, the geordies remain calm people and it is rather rare to see overflows, except if these overflows are caused by a little too much excess alcohol.

In short, you won’t have much trouble talking to the locals. Don’t be surprised if they call you “sweetheart”, “honey” (especially the saleswomen). It’s a kind of politeness that’s pretty nice. All that’s left is to hang on to the accent. The latter is the only point that could prevent you from having a conversation with the geordies. But don’t panic you just need time to adjust and everything will be fine. We’re all going through this.