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Where to drink and go out?

Gather your friends for a drink and go out to enjoy the city

Ideas for outings for a drink.

You can’t go to England without setting foot in a pub. On this one Newcastle doesn’t exempt from the rule, and maintains its reputation of a heavy drinker city. It would be too long to list every pub in the city, it is up to you to discover the pubs and decide which one you like the most. That being said, I can suggest some ideas of places to drink and go out.

The Botanist, which is a cocktail bar where you can also eat. It’s quite expensive but if you have the opportunity it’s worth testing at least once. ( There is also –Stack in the heart of the city, it is a large “complex” where you can eat, drink, enjoy music and entertainment, in short it’s great to spend a good evening ( The best thing to do while going out, is to get lost in the city to find out little treasures.

Student life after class

Well let’s dive into what really matters here. Nightlife, evenings, partying, fiesta, getting down, drinking…. All of this! Indeed, if there is one thing for which geordies are known (apart from drinking, but I guess it goes hand in hand), it’s THE PARTYING! Geordies are insatiable when it comes to raising the roof. All opportunities are good to get out. And yes Newcastle is a university town so sensitive souls abstain. No, I’m jocking of course….

Here’s a little recap of what a young geordie weekly routine could look like : – go to class (because sometimes we remember that we have classes), and then we get ready and let’s PARTYYY! Routine quite simple isn’t it? I’m not trying to caricature here so I’ll let you make your own opinion on the subject.

However big surprise in the city that I thought would never sleeps, well the clubs all close around 2am. But why? Would you tell me. In a city where there are so many inveterate party animals? Well it’s simply because these little partygoers start drinking super early around 5pm, 6pm, and since they don’t do things halfway, they arrive in the evening already drunk. So how to tell you that 2am for some is more than enough and it’s time for them to go to bed and purge all that. Rest necessary especially when it is planned to do it all over again the next day.

You might have understood that partying is a national sport and it must be practices regularly if ever, every night. All the clubs are right in the city center next to the fast food that stays open of course all night, everything is done to make us want to go out and enjoy this student city to the fullest.

Where to go out?

Among the most famous clubs are found: Digimonday (open only on Mondays), The Lost, Jewelry, House of Smith and many others. Facebook groups will take care of keeping you informed on what you cannot miss.

Photo taken on the run, for the record it was 11 degrees….

Note that geordies (especially girls), are not afraid of the cold while going out. Or at least they take it upon themselves. Because the particularity of the nightclubs is that they don’t have locker rooms. So why not just put their jacket around the waist like everyone else would you tell me there again? Very good remark, notice that all non-geordies or non-English are asking the same questions. Well if you see the rest of the geordie’s outfits, you’ll understand at no time would they want to be burdened with a jacket that could spoil their outfit. And secondly, when you see their outfit I think a jacket would not be enough to keep them warm. So better not wear anything at all. After 6 months in Newcastle, our dear geordies’ outfits was still one of our favorite topics of conversation.

Other ideas for outings.

For the less courageous, or rather the most normal, there are of course always things to do other than the local daily drinking. You can go out bowling, go to the cinema (The Gate that I recommend, beautiful and huge cinema (, mini-golf… In short going out quite normaly. And that feels good too.

Also, I recommend looking at the site give it a go (, as there are very often outings offered by Newcastle University at very small prices. Thanks to that, I attended my very first ice hockey game (well not a great idea in January at midnight but it’s still a great memory).

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