Newcastle is an ultra-welcoming city, whether for tourists who come to spend a few days, expatriates or students. Described as a student and young city, Newcastle Upon-tyne has more than 55,000 students out of 270,000 inhabitants. A student city means student life, and Newcastle is unquestionably a city that knows how to properly accommodate students.

Life in Newcastle is very relaxed, you will often find young people go to Northumberland Street and sing along. Not to make money or anything but just to entertain and have a great time. There’s always life on the streets, people sing, play a musical instrument etc…

Indeed, everything is conducive to student life in Newcastle. Campuses are huge, you’ll find activities to do all the time and everywhere. And above all, who says student city, also says frenzied nightlife.

What do you need to know before leaving to study in Newcastle ?

If you are going to study in Newcastle, I think the main questions to ask are:

  • Which universities to choose and how to choose them? You need to do extensive research on the university that you are potentially interested in, know what its specialties are, what courses they offer, etc. The choice can also be determined by the activities that the university proposes. In general, the vast majority of universities will offer activities of all kinds through their associations, which aim only to improve the integration of students. So take a look at what universities are organizing, which you might be interested in.
  • Where to stay: a big and important question, especially in England where life is quite expensive.
  • When you start a “new life abroad”, how not to get carried away and spend everything from the first week. This can be really stressful for some, but don’t panic it’s all about planning and managing one’s daily life.

I try to answer those questions in the articles. Of course I’m responding based on my own experiences and what worked for me. The best thing is to take every point and carry out in-depth research according to your expectations and needs. You are the ones in charge of this new experience. Give yourself the means to live it to the fullest by not going into it blindly.