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How to manage your day-to-day life?

If this isn’t your first time abroad, or if you’re already used to living on your own, this new experience won’t really change for you. If, on the other hand, you go abroad alone for the first time like me, it may be a little less easy. You’re going to have to adopt small strategies to manage your day-to-day life.

However, don’t panic, the key is I think planning (even if nothing ever happens as planned …). Indeed, planning will allow you not only to avoid being left without a penny after a month, but also to leave with less stress. You will be able to make the most of your experience.

Good planning, the key to good management

What I had done before I left was to plan what I wanted to do with these 6 months. I knew I wanted to move and I didn’t want to stay only at Newcastle. So I subtracted my main expenses from what I had set aside at the bank. My biggest expenses were: accommodation, airfare (which I had taken well in advance to get the best price). And daily expenses. With what I had left I made an envelope with an amount that was granted to travel.

Excel sheet to manage daily life

But of course as long as you’re not there, it’s hard to get an idea of what you’re going to spend. For example I had the good surprise to see that I did not need to pay for transportation since I was doing everything on foot. On the other hand, I didn’t anticipate at all that I was going to spend so much on the outings: between 8 and 15 euros the outing (evenings, movies or restaurant).

A few precautions

Be careful, even if Newcastle is not the most expensive city in England, it is still more expensive than in France. Knowing in particular that the pound is stronger than the euro. It will therefore be useful to master this small conversion for the coming months. Don’t worry you’ll quickly get into the habit of converting everything in your head) Remember to check before you leave that you are insured (mutual, telephone, bank account, etc.).  

To manage your daily life well, it’s all about finding a balance in everything you do. Indeed, there is going to be times when the desire to spend is going to be stronger than others. However you have to find compromises and remember that there are six months to go. For instance, I allowed myself to go shopping (let go a little to be honest) only 1 month and a half before the end of my stay. My priority was to travel and make the destinations that were close to my heart. Once I had done what I wanted and I still had a little bit of money left, that’s when I enjoyed myself.

Finaly, the management of one’s daily life is of course very personal and depends on everyone. Again, you have to manage your expenses according to your options. But also and especially depending on what you want to experience during your stay.

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