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For transport it’s quite simple, the city is human-sized so it’s very easy to access everything within a 15 minute walk if you’re lucky enough to live in the city centre. It’s up to you to see what you want with regard to your future housing. Personally I lived on Market Street in the city centre and was a 5 minute walk from Main Street and Tyne, a 10-minute walk from Newcastle Main School and a 15-minute walk from Business School. For Newcastle’s second major university, Northumbria, it is also very close to the city centre and was a 10-minute walk from where I lived.

Where to stay?

Housing plummer house: small studio 15m2

As far as housing is concerned, for my part I feared to be isolated and had only one idea was to be in the middle of downtown, I didn’t want to be in a roommate either but wanted to be among other students. So I started looking for residency who allowed me to be in a private studio and in the town center. I found my happiness with Plummer House. It’s a residence which offers everything you can dream of: gym, 2 large gyms which can be privatized to invite our friends, cinema, cinema 24/7 reception. Of course this comfort has a price but I do regrets not at all because for a first experience it really allowed me surrounded and I never felt alone or isolated.

However, if you don’t want to spend a lot on housing, it’s easy to find something either through your partner school or also through erasmus, which offers accommodation slots and not far from universities. Many of my friends lived in Castle Leazes, a huge secure residence not far from the universities and downtown (about 15 minutes walk). Castle Leazes usually consists of 6 bedrooms per floor, private rooms with private shower or not (depending on what you choose) and the kitchen is shared between the 6 roommates then you have a common room for all your evenings. Again it all depends on what you want to have as accommodation.

Here are the different links you can follow to find out what may suit you:

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